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Our Day Tours


Whether you want a day tour of the highlights of a city, or you want to get under its skin, we can fill the days your way. Back Africa Tours offers wide selection of well planned Cape Coast and Elmina day tours, which can be customized as per your convenience. Our Cape Coast and Elmina day tour packages will help you discover some fascinating Places and great locals like Traditional Posuban shrines, the duty post of the Asafo companies which was established as defense of the state, the slave castles and forts which was built in the 14 centuries by the Europeans, fish market, the first school established in the country by a Ghanaian Priest Philip Quacoo, a son of a slave merchant after returning from England as a Priest to inculcate the christian doctrines in the children, Colonial cemetery. with our day trips, you will get an opportunity to witness breathtaking sights and explore vibrant locals in a convenient and guided way. Keeping in mind your requirement and needs, will plan out best tour itinerary of your Cape Coast and Elmina  day trip.

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